The Space Journal Launch - Update

The Space Journal Launch - Update

For a long time I have been holding onto these beautiful graphic art poster images and Hubble photos that make me feel all warm inside.

I wanted to share these, celebrate these and provide them as inspiration to anyone who wants to write, especially those writers who find creative enlightenment from the ever changing skies.

So I designed this photo album, which then turned into a journal, because I wanted to feature quotes and inspiration from astronauts, scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, politicians, poets and writers that related to our shared adoration of space.

I write when I feel lost. I write when I feel happy. I write when I need space. I write when I have so much that I can't say, but so much that needs to be said.

My journal is filled with hope. But in order to make the prints of this journal I am looking to get 100 pre-orders. I've given myself the following timeline which I want to adhere to.

March 2018 - Launch The Space Journal

April 2018 - Market The Space Journal

May 2018 - Order The Space Journal Prints

June 2018 - Distribute The Space Journal Books



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