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Corporate Video Production planning services starting at $50/hour.

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production Editing - 

Personal: $75/hour — One on one editing and story development remote collaboration with a single client.

Business: $150/hour — Collaboration involving multiple drafts, group notes, story editing and professional interface in a multi-user environment.

Production planning

$125/hour, payment plans available — Using the industry standard Movie Magic Scheduling, the script can be broken up into a shooting schedule, Scene by Scene strip board creation, contact management list, cast list, crew lists, equipment lists, breakdown sheets, personalized call sheets, task lists, a list dedicated to each department so they can begin to build the assets required for your production.  Prep calendars and contact management can be produced as well.

training and implementation

$50/hour —Setting up a production office, training and developing the workflows. Updating procedures and establishing protocol. Communicating with department heads and providing resources for better overall project management. Coordinated hands on training with software specialists and industry professionals.

media asset management

Variable hourly rate — Research available models. Ingest, transfer, update and archive media logs. Track assets and develop reports.





Script development

Have your scripts evaluated by readers, that are experienced professionals.


script ANAlySIS

Variable hourly rate — 

  • 5 pages of detailed notes

  • Character, Plot, Structure, Dialogue, and Concept Analysis

  • A Pass, Consider, or Recommend rating

  • An overall impression that will highlight extra factors like voice

  • A score from 1-10 so you can compare progress within ratings

  • A 2-3 page synopsis to show how your plot points are perceived

  • Marketability analysis and recommendations to help sell your script

  • A recommended logline for pitching

  • In PDF notes on every page

  • Specific suggestions for detailed changes in your script

  • Dialogue, slugline, and action recommendations on the PDF

  • Included follow-up questions