Burlington Films, Post Supervisor, Denise Lee helped us complete our film. I found Denise to be professional and supportive; Burlington Films was always clear in their communications and helpful in explaining what I needed to know in order to make the correct decisions for the benefit of the project. They exercised great skill in guiding the post production project to completion, and in helping us to put together a film we can be proud of.
— Heather Allin - Chair, ACTRA National Women's Committee; Producer and Executive Producer, Reel Women Seen

Happy Clients


Denise is helpful, patient and a pleasure to work with. She always took time to explain technical information that was unclear. I would be happy to work with her again if an opportunity arose in the future.

— Melissa Tempeny, content account manager at UR-Channel broadcasting company


Denise was a hands-on, pro-active team member, very positive and ready to solve any issue. Would not hesitate to work with Denise again.

— todd griffith, vp, director, and iT executive


Denise has a very strong work ethic. Anyone fortunate to work with her will see a talented bright light full of enthusiasm and creativity.

— stephanie pickering, story producer, minority media


I found Denise to be extremely conscientious and level headed. She approaches her work with confidence and great efficiency, and is a pleasure to be around. I fully recommend her for any project.

— gwyneth baillie, senior video editor


Denise is by far one of the best assistant editors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her impeccable attention to detail, her creative problem solving and appreciation for the deadline driven nature of our work was a huge asset on the shows we worked on together. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Denise as an assistant editor to any producer or editor demanding excellence and dedication.

— bill towgood, editor

Produced superior quality artist spotlight videos that promoted Hamilton artists. These videos are instrumental in helping Art Connection and the artists to build their brand and promote their skills and talents.  Professional, always brings a smile and a sense of calm to the set and is prepared for anything. Denise was able to think creatively on the fly, and demonstrated flexibility through filming at a variety of different locations and times. Denise always met her deadlines for editing these video projects for delivery each month with the Art Connection email newsletter. I look forward to working with her again on future projects, and would strongly recommend her for any video or photography work.

— shawn quait, ceo at orange eclipse


Denise was wonderful to work with. She is extremely organized and efficient which allows her to manage many tasks quickly. Her in-depth knowledge of Avid Media Composer means that she was just as comfortable organizing media as she is cutting with it.

A few of the many areas in which Denise shines are uprezzing complicated sequences of various sizes and with mixed media, ingesting and outputting a variety of different codecs, and expertly constructing sequences that convey the right level of emotion.

Though she works well on her own, she was invaluable to our team. Her willingness to help and her quick grasp of the situation at hand made her a joy to work with. I hope to work with Denise again and highly recommend her as a valuable member of any post production department.

— kristian snyders, technical communications, i4i


Denise was a great student. her interest in Fiber Optics went a bit further than most as she is involved with cinema and video making. Denise is capable of installing fiber optic connectors and testing them in a professional manner. I recommend her most highly.

— william graham, president and master instructor at grounded connections


I am pleased to provide a reference letter for Denise Lee. Over the past six years Denise has worked with me on numerous productions, Urban Legends, Cold Water Cowboys, and Real Vikings. I am always happy to hire Denise because I know her production knowledge, hard work and good judgement make her a valuable member of the production team. She is always eager to contribute and learn new skills. 

I look forward to working with Denise again in the future and I think she would be an excellent choice for your company.

— susan mcgrath, producer/president of bottle blonde productions ltd.


Denise did a wonderful job and was a joy to work with.  

Her talents were apparent from the start and she was missed the moment she moved on to the next stage in her career.

— trevor tyre, new business DEVELOPMENT, the media concierge

Working with Denise was like working with an army of people - that's probably the best way that I can describe Denise's work ethic. There were so many different things that she handled that whenever you'd ask her what she was doing on a given day, the answer would always be different. The kicker is - all of those responsibilities were handled efficiently, effectively, and with a high standard of professionalism.

Denise was also an absolutely fabulous coworker and a wonderful teacher. Her enthusiasm was infectious and I can affirm that many people came out of a conversation with Denise with more knowledge about a subject than they did before. Not only does she possess a vast array of knowledge, but her sense of humour and joviality add to any workplace or organization that she is a part of.

I strongly recommend Denise for any organization, and with luck, I'll have the pleasure to work with her again in the future.

— adam dodd, post production professional


Denise was a hard working assistant editor who had moved on to becoming the Fiber Optic Technician in Cineflix Productions. She went through all the training necessary and had a strong grasp on the the Avid systems and the Unity servers. There were more than 50 edit suites and Denise was able troubleshoot and manage the systems while helping out with technical tasks in the workplace.

Denise is a fast learner, hard working and passionate about her work. I'd recommend contacting her.

— vish hansa, video editor



Denise taught me exactly what I needed to know and made me feel confident in my work. Hiring Denise would be a great asset to your company and 110% recommend her skills!

— jaya naraine, insurance and administrative professional



Denise is smart, resourceful, dedicated, responsible, and hard working. In short, the kind of person you'd be happy to have on your team. You can count on her to do the job right and to do it on time!

— paulina robak, story editor, make it right productions


There's always a calm when Denise enters the room. You know she has the answer to your problem. Always reliable and cheerful.

— Greg west, editor of real vikings, mayday, sinking cities



Denise possesses a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of Avid Systems and the digital workflow pipeline and provides timely problem solving and troubleshooting.

— martin iannece, director, CLASSROOm technology at university of new brunswick


Denise is the consumate professional with a keen eye to detail. Her artistic flair is very much an asset.

— john A Macdonald, president, jam consulting

I was able to work with Denise on a recent production aimed towards potential clients who may wish to have a short cinematic sequence for any special occasion.  

Denise demonstrated the drive to see the production through to the end and worked very closely with the whole production team. I am told that the video was well received and will hopefully open up opportunities for such productions in the near future. 

She demonstrates determination to see things through and isn't hesitant to get into some of the gritty aspects of shooting scenes with a lot of action.

— colin baxter, camera operator, airborne video productions